Control QB Set


With the Control Quad Set you’re literally in Control! The Control Quad set is ideal for performance retro quads, or any wide tail fish quads. The low aspect front fins and high aspect tow foil rear fins allow the Control Quad to deliver the perfect balance of speed, drive and manoeuvrability. The large surface area from the side fins are great for generating speed and maintaining it through a sequence of turns.
The upright positioning of the 80/20 foiled quad rears bring a skatey feel to the set.

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15-20 layer high quality fiberglass with Balsa wood core

Side Fin dimensions
Large (Surfer Weight >75 kg/ >165 lbs)
Base    – 128mm / 5.05″
Depth  – 114mm / 4.50″

Rear Fin dimensions
Base    – 99mm / 3.89″
Depth  – 115mm / 4.53″