Hydro II TB Set


The Hydro II fin set, unbelievably fast and free with incredible hold and drivewhile on the rail. A fin set that does it all, from tight pocket surfing to huge open-faced carves. The side fins are toed in slightly to increase maneuverability and rail-to-rail transitions. They have significantly more cant than standard fins, pushing the fin deeper into the wave when on rail and generating more speed during carving turns. The incredible acceleration and drive of the Hydro II will take your surfing to a whole new level. These things work so good it´s almost cheating!

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15-20 layer high quality fiberglass with Balsa wood core

Fin dimensions
Small (Surfer Weight 55-70 kg/ 120-155 lbs)
Base                – 102mm / 4.02″
Depth              – 112mm / 4.41″
Side Fin Cant  – 10 degrees

Medium (Surfer Weight 65-80 kg/ 130-175 lbs)
Base                – 107mm / 4.22″
Depth              – 118mm / 4.65″
Side Fin Cant  – 10 degrees

Large (Surfer Weight >80 kg/ >175 lbs)
Base                – 113mm / 4.44″
Depth              – 124mm / 4.88″
Side Fin Cant  – 10 degrees