Hydro III TB Set


Whether your surfing tight in the pocket or carving on the open face, you can surf confidently knowing the Hydro III deliver the ultimate advantage, more speed. The unique flex pattern from the Hydro III stores energy during the transition between turns and then gives it back in the form of speed and acceleration. These fins can be ridden in all types of surf and will help increase drive and speed on those weak days.

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15-20 layer high quality fiberglass with Balsa wood core

Fin dimensions
Small (Surfer Weight 40-65 kg/ 90-140 lbs)
Base    – 108mm / 4.27″
Depth  – 109mm / 4.31″

Medium (Surfer Weight 65-80 kg/ 140-175 lbs)
Base    – 113mm / 4.45″
Depth  – 114mm / 4.49″

Large (Surfer Weight >75 kg/ >165 lbs)
Base    – 118mm / 4.64″
Depth  – 119mm / 4.65″