Original Single B


Our Original Single fin is favoured for its all around performance capabilities. It keeps your speed and responds on the fly smooth, with a cruisy feeling. The Original Single fin fits standard longboard boxes.
Side bites can turn a bad board good, and are handy to have lying around if you want to play with fin set-ups in multiple boards. Use Side bites to loosen up quads and turn a little single fin into a higher performance 2+1.

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15-20 layer high quality fiberglass with Balsa wood core

Long Fin dimensions
6″ Depth         – 153mm
7″ Depth         – 178mm
8″ Depth         – 203mm
9″ Depth         – 228mm

Side Bite dimensions
Base      – 87mm / 3.45″
Depth   – 93mm / 3.65″