Slater TC Set


Inspired by Kelly Slater, the Slater fins are designed as a very fast and smooth set with quick, controlled release. These fins will allow you to pull off some very sharp, short radius turns and they are ideal for high performance in pocket surfing. The larger, more upright side fins have greater flex for tighter and faster turns, while the smaller, stiffer center fin adds control. The Slater fin set can be used in almost any surf conditions and can be ridden at pretty much every type of break.

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15-20 layer high quality fiberglass and carbon with Balsa wood core

Fin dimensions
Small (Surfer Weight 40-60 kg/ 90-140 lbs)
Side Base        – 101mm/ 3.98″
Side Depth      – 105mm/ 4.13″
Center Base    – 100mm/ 3.94″
Center Depth  – 103mm/ 4.05″

Medium (Surfer Weight 60-80 kg/ 130-180 lbs)
Side Base        – 110mm/ 4.33″
Side Depth      – 115mm/ 4.53″
Center Base    – 109mm/ 4.28″
Center Depth  – 112mm/ 4.41″