Stretch QB Set


The Stretch set was designed to be fast, responsive, and stable at high speeds and it’s an ideal fin set for heavier surfers who still want to rip the Line-Up. At low speeds, the ample surface area in the tip provides power, giving the ability to generate speed with ease.
The Stretch quad rear fins have a 50/50 foil and fit perfect on performance boards with deep concaves and moderate-to-extreme rocker.

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15-20 layer high quality fiberglass with Balsa wood core

Side Fin dimensions
Large (Surfer Weight 75-90kg/ 165-200 lbs)
Base    – 114mm / 4.48″
Depth  – 114mm / 4.48″

Rear Fin dimensions
Base    – 98mm / 3.88″
Depth  – 96mm / 3.80″