Waterline Tri-Quad CF Set


The Waterline center and front fins share the same template and the cant on the Waterline fins is set at 6 degrees which translates to smother rail-to-rail transitions, faster response and added performance when the board is set on rail. A moderate base and sweep promotes smooth handling in all conditions of surf.
Set back on the tabs for increased speed, the Waterline quad rear fins have a 70/30 foil to enhance handling and water flow.

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40 layer high quality fiberglass (300g/m²)

Side/ Center Fin dimensions
Medium (Surfer Weight 60-80kg/ 130-175 lbs)
Base    – 114mm / 4.50″
Depth  – 112mm / 4.41″
Side Fin Cant  – 6 degrees

Rear Fin dimensions
Base    – 88mm / 3.46″
Depth  – 93mm / 3.66″